Our Ecoliveoil in the Periódico Extremadura!

Posted on: 05/19/2016 11:13:32
Category: News| Author: Ecoficus

The 2016 Alimentaria Fair in Barcelona was a success for Ecoficus and our extra virgin olive oil caught the attention of a local newspaper: 

"Ecoficus tackles the top-range Olive oil market. Ecoliveoil: The company's new challenge

Gourmet and organic products derived from dried figs are Ecoficus' flagship products. Now, the family-owned company takes a step forward and tackles the top-range olive oil market.

Under the "Ecoliveoil" brand, the company introduced, during the Alimentaria fair in Barcelona, an organic extra virgin olive oil cold-pressed, with only 0.2% of acidity and a fruity aroma.  
The production of this authentic olive juice is limited to 5,000 litres from their own olive trees, giving an exclusive olive oil with great properties." 


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